Monday, April 18, 2011

Paper pencil box

Lately I browsed many blogs of art, crafts, handmades blog and loved to start own. While selecting nice printed design on Chinese New Year used cards, I found this suitable paper to make it as a pencil box. The cards must have thick paper.

I got the right template from this great inspirations blog. My measurement is as below. It is a flexible measurement that suits your needs.

Bottom pencil box template

Cover pencil box template

It has simple creation and useful for kids. My son has plenty of coloring pencils, from wooden type, crayon type, water color type, pencils and drawing pens. He stores them spread and mix match in mess. In order not to waste costs for buying many pencil cases, I intend to make it few pieces from thick recycle paper or card box.

Here is one of the pencil box designs.

Get it done Upper casing

Get it done Lower casing

Now I managed to organized them well and happy to use own doings.

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